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Marshalls in general




 Marshallese language



Marshalls in general
 Marshall Islands guidebook
contains a black and white photographs, short articles about the islands,
a fold-out map, telephone directory and a local business advertisements.
100 pages with illustrations&pictures, Micronitor Press, 1997.
 Micronesian Handbook
contains detailed maps, accommodation listings, brief history and culture, snorkeling & scuba diving information, and other useful general information for anyone interested in or planning to travel to Micronesia. 311 pages,
Neil M. Levy, 4th edition, 1997
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Folktales, legends
Bwebwenaaton Etto
- A collection of Marshallese Legends and Traditions-
 a compilation of stories and legends, which have appeared scattered in a variety of publications and for the first time, have now been published into a book. The major themes of the stories cover the topics of creation, the origin of islands and places, social customs, animal tales, oral history, and stories of the famous Marshallese trickster “Letao”. 188pages, Jane Dawning, Dirk H.R. Spennemann, and Margaret Bennett. RMI Historic Preservation Office, 1992.  $20.00

From the mouth of the monster eel
introduces 6 stories from Micronesia(Marshalls, Guam, Yap), with appropriate reading level for children (7-8th grade). 53 pages with some illustrations in black and white, Bo Flood, Fulcrum Publishing, 1996.  $20.00
 Inon in Majel
-Marshallese Folktales-
is a collective work on old Marshallese folktales and oral histories, which have not been published in a book form. Also, this book was written in both English and Marshallese language in one book for the first time. 134pages, Terry Mote, Donna K. Stone, Kinuko Kowata and Bernice Joash. Alele Museum, 1999.  $20.00

 Man this reef
a translated autobiography of a storyteller.
159 pages, Gerald Knight, Micronitor Press, Marshall Islands, 1992.
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Winds of change
is a selection of reading on Micronesian History beginning Magellan's visit to the Marianas in 1521, and ending with the initiation of American civilian administration by the U.S. Interior Department in 1951. 538 pages in large book format, edited by Francis XX. Hezel, S.J., and M. L. Berg.  $50.00
The first taint of civilization
is a history of the Caroline and Marshall Islands in pre-colonial days, 1521-1885.
365 pages, Francis X. Hezel, S.J., University of Hawaii Press, 1993.
 A voyage around the world with the Romanzov exploring expedition
 is at he translated account of poet and naturalist Adelbert con Chamisso’s voyages aboard the brig Rurik, which passed through the Marshall Islands both before and after it’s visit to Alaska, California, and Hawai’i.
375 pages, University of Hawai’i Press, 1995.
Observations made during a voyage round the world
prepares separate essays to discuss from the editorial viewpoint, besides original one which was written on the basis of Forster's participation in James Cook's second voyage of 1772-1775, and published in 1778. 446 pages with illustrations, Nicholas Thomas, et al.(Editor), University of Hawai'i Press, 1996.  $57.00
- the Rise and Fall of the Japanese in Micronesia, 1885-1946-
explains the history of the appearance, activities and ultimate expulsion of the Japanese in Micronesia. The book's main concern is with the Japanese presence and not the Islanders' but much general history of this period is covered. 382 pages, Mark R. Peattier, University of Hawai'i Press, 1988.  $27.00
 Pacific Theater
- Island Representations of
World War II -
is a collection of studies dealing with the social cultural effects and meaning of World War II in the Pacific Islands. It deals mostly with the islanders perspective of the war and their encounters with Japanese, American and Australian soldiers. These narratives reflect the importance of the events of the war, which are recalled in stories and ceremonies today, had on individuals as well as whole societies. 433 pages, edited by Geoffrey M. White & Lamont Lindstrom, University of Hawaii Press, 1989.  $37.00
 Sung for Anidreb
-A Brief History of the Marshall Islands-
fills a need for better understanding of how the Islands have come to be what they are, which is written for presentation at a symposium on the future of the Marshall Islands held at Hofstra University in October 1997. 42 pages, Kevin Hart, Marshall Islands Publishing, 1997.  $15.00
 Ghost Fleet
-The sunken ships of Bikini Atoll-
introduces sunken ships of Bikini Atoll with many photographs, and brief history about the U.S. nuclear testing program in the Marshall Islands. 204 pages, James P. Delgado, University of Hawaii Press, 1996.  $24.00
 Operation Crossroads
-The Atomic Tests at Bikini Atoll-
is about the U.S. nuclear testing program in the Marshall Islands. "Crossroads was unique", says the author. "It was more than tests for weapons effects. It was rivalry between the Army and Navy, the birth of the Atomic Energy Commission." 415 pages, Jonathan M. Weisgall, Naval Institute Press, 1994.  $40.00

 Marshall Islands chronology
is a historical account of the U.S. atomic testing program in the Pacific during the 1940’s and 1950’s.  44 pages, Giff Johnson, Micronesia Support Committee, 1983. (Out of print-xerox copies available)  $20.00

 Collision course at Kwajalein
discusses the history, social setting and recent political developments at the Kwajalien Missile Range. 69 pages, Giff Johnson, Pacific Concerns Resource Center, 1984. (Out of print-xerox copies available)  $25.00
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 Ennaanin Etto
-A Collection of Essays on the
Marshallese Past -
explains about geographical background, oral traditions/history, traditional sites, Ethnographic documentation, traditional cultures, etc. 312 pages with black and white photos, illustration, and maps, Dirk H.R. Spennemann, RMI Historic Preservation Office, Marshall Islands, 1993.  $20.00

 Marshallese Tatto
explains about Marshallese traditional dress, tattoo, and its meaning . 233 pages with Tables, 84 photos and illustration, Dirk H.R. Spennemann, RMI Historic Preservation Office, Marshall Islands, 1992.  $20.00

 Constitution of the Marshall Islands
written by the elected members of the Constitutional Convention and signed on December 231, 1978, legally established by the Republic of the Marshall Islands. 57 pages, Micronitor News, Majuro, RMI. May 1984.  $10.00

 Decorative Marshallese Baskets
contains step by step information to the preparing of a Marshall Islands basket, with special emphasis on the finely stitched Tenerife designs. 82 pages with over hundreds black and white photos & illustrations, Judy Mulford, Wonder Publications, 1991.  $15.00

 Taste of the Pacific
 Derived from the very successful Taste of the Tropics, first published in the 1970s, this revised and updated cookbook uses the latest nutritional information and culinary techniques to show how to prepare over 200 recipes using the fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, poultry, and meats of the Pacific area. Susan Parkinson, Peggy Stacy, and Adrian Mattinson 1995, 112 pp. ISBN 0-8248-1791-5, softcover  $23.00
 For future use
- A management conservation plan for the World War II sites in the Marshall Islands-
explains about the procedure and method to conserve World War II historic sites in the Marshall Islands. 197 pages with black and white photos and figures, Dirk H.R. Spennemann, RMI Historic Preservation Office, 1993.  $20.00

 Micronesian Resources Study
is a report on cultural resource management needs in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of Palau. 58 pages with black and white pictures, U.S. Dept of the Interior/ National Park Service, 1990.  $20.00

 The Archaeology of world war II in the Marshall Islands
explains about the historic site during World War II in the Marshall Islands. Vol. 1: Torwa, Vol.2: Wotje, Vol.3:Jaluit, Vol.4: Mili, Vol.5: Tourism. Henrik Christiansen, RMI Historic Preservation Office, 1994.

 1 set


 Cultural resource management plan for Majuro Part I&II
explains about archaeology and its resources, traditional resources in Majuro. 543 pages with black and white photos, tables and figures, Dirk H.R. Spennemann, RMI Historic Preservation Office, 1993.  $70.00
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Marshallese language
Marshallese English Dictionary
is the most complete collection of information on the words of the Marshallese language yet compiled. The book includes a Marshallese-English dictionary, plus an English-Marshallese finder list, and a long list of place names of the Marshall Islands.
589 pages, Abo, Bender, Capelle, deBrum. University of Hawai’i Press, 1996.

 Spoken Marshallese
is a course of 30 lessons designed to give the student a basic fluency in the Marshallese language, and a feeling for its structure that will enable him to converse freely with islanders on a broad range of subjects without additional formal instruction. 438 pages, Byron w. Bender, University of Hawaii Press, 1978.  $20.00

 The Marshallese Child
explains useful Marshallese phrases in the classroom, office, home, etc. by its scene, whereas basic terms such as greeting, counting number. 35 pages, Thompson Keju, Carol O'Connor, Alfred Capelle, University of Guam, 1994  $20.00
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 Plants and environments of the Marshall Islands
is a completion work of plants and vegetation in the Marshall Islands. It also deals with traditional use of plants, environmental change and conservation. 110 pages with tables and illustration, Mark Merlin, Alfred Capelle, et al., East-West Center, University of Hawaii, 2nd ed, 1997.  $30.00

 Micronesian Reef Fishes- -A field guide for divers and aquarists-
 contains beautiful color photographs of fishes, introduces identification, location, ecology life, and habitats of fishes in Micronesia. 216 pages, Robert F. Myers, Coral Graphics, 1999.  $50.00
 These roots remain
explains about food habit, traditional food for feasts and ceremonial presentations, etc in the Pacific islands after the Western Contact.  298 pages with tables and figures, Nancy J. Pollock, The Institute for Polynesian Studies, Brigham Young University, 1992.  $37.00

 Tropical Pacific Islands environment
explains about ecosystems related its climate, soil&forest communities and its use, aquatic habitats, coral reef and its use, island population and sustainability to use of resources wisely, etc. 399pages with over 400 references, glossary, index and illustrations, color photos, Christopher S. Lobban et al., University of Guam Press, 1997.  $52.00
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 Cultural identity and ethnicity in the Pacific
Discusses ways in which Pacific Islanders make distinctions between themselves and others. The essays focus on symbols, meanings, and indigenous interpretations of cultural distinctiveness. Westerners tend to see ethnicity as a matter of more emphasis on enviornment, behavior, and performances. 323 pages, Edited by Linnekin & Poyer, University of Hawaii Press, 1990.
 The gifts of civilization
-Germs and Genocide in Hawai'i
is a series of essays concerned with Hawaii's germs and genocide in a historical point of view. 326 pages, O.A. Bushnell, University of Hawai'i Press, 1993.


 Two worlds
presents a history of the contact between Maori and European in New Zealand between 1642-1772, which is based on the voyage of James Cook with the Endeavour. 477 pages with tables and illustrations, Anne Salmond, University of Hawaii Press, 1992.


 Upon a stone altar
presents a history of the Islands of Pohnpei to 1890, an insightful mixture of cultural anthropology, archaeology, oral traditions, and archival history of the Islands of Pohnpei. 320 pages, David Hanlon, University of Hawaii Press, 1988.

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 Welcome to the Marshall Islands  Shows general information about Marshall Islands for tourists.
English narration and Japanese narration are available.
 Ep an ri-Majol: Marshallese Dance  Shows Marshallese style traditional/modarn dances. Marshallese narration only  $20.00
 Marshallese traditional knowledge:
 Overviews Marshallese navigation system and its history. English narration only  $20.00
 Waan Aelon Kein: Walap in Enewetak  "Waan Aelon Kein (Canoes of these islands) project was started upon a purpose of preserving traditional canoe building methods. This video shows the process of creating Marshallese traditional canoe (Waan).
English and Marshallese narration are available.

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 Marshall Islands Map  Shows Republic of the Marshall Islands, with small atoll maps of Kwajalein, Jaluit, and Wotje. Local made with black and white.  $10.00
 Micronesian Map  Covers Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and Republic of Palau. Made in the Trust Territory period, but most accurate, with colors.  $17.00
 Oceania Map  Covers Pacific Rim, identified Pacific countries with various colors. Laminated.  $25.00

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