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National Archives

Open Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm


Alele has a formal arrangement with the Government to implement the National Archives Act which provides for the establishment of an office of National Archives to attend to the custody and preservation of public records and the deposition of private records.

Archival records are selected according to established archival principles and are accessioned under a policy which requires that they be original records created or received in the course of normal business.


Records are assessed according to the following values:

 Evidential The value for providing evidence of the origins, structure, functions, policies and operations of the agency or person that created the records
 Administrative, Legal and Fiscal  The value for the conduct of current and future administrative, legal and fiscal business
 Informational  The value for reference or research deriving from the information the records contain, as distinct from their evidential value (i.e., uses not envisaged by the creators)
 Historical  The value arising from exceptional age, and/or connection with some historical event or person



Public records 25 years old or more are open to the public except where specifically restricted for reason of national security or where the information is considered to be of sensitive nature. Private records are open to the extent permitted by the depositor at time of deposition.




Archival holdings (about 2,500 microfilms)